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  • The Law Research & Registry web site has four primary elements:
  • 1. The research project. This will be an open forum where all who want to can participate. It will break law down by subject as it relates to state, local, and Federal jurisdictions respectively. Administrative and judicial forums that prove successful will be made generally available.
  • 2. Products & Services registry. Those who provide services of various sorts will be able to submit postings. The registry won’t be limited to those who provide services relating exclusively to administrative and judicial forums. People who generally support "patriot" enterprise with editing, typing, printing, recording, audio and video reproduction, and other such services will also be permitted to post on the services registry. While we intend for this service to be free, we would appreciate it if those who utilize the service will donate part of earnings generated through the posting to support the project.
  • 3. Public documents registry. Those who wish will be able to post cases and administrative documents on the public documents registry. This should be one of the more important aspects of the project as our various public servants, including and maybe most particularly judges, do pretty well as they please, with little or no accountability to anyone, because litigation and administrative material is in relatively inaccessible forums. We will have to charge for this service, but anticipate that it will be reasonable enough that most anyone can afford utilization.
  • 4. Statutes, Code of Federal Regulations, Executive Orders, government documents, etc.

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